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If you are having problems with your Reelplay TV box please read the Reelplay TV Support page for self-help or chat with Reelplay TV Tech Support directly.

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Reelplay TV Support

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Although the Reelplay TV box is extremely reliable things can sometimes go wrong. Please use this guide to diagnose any simple problems with your Reelplay device. If you are unable to resolve your problems via this guide, it's best to chat with Reelplay TV Live Support directly. This is a FREE service. 

As we are independant from Reelplay, we do not offer free tech support. If you are unable to perform any updates and repairs yourself as instructed by Reelplay for whatever reason (including not understanding the instructions, not having access to a computer, not speaking English etc), we are happy to do it for you for just $25 plus any postage costs if applicable. Simply bring the box and accessories or send via courier to the store and we'll take care of it.

Needs Registration / Needs Activation / Expired Subscription

If you have just received a new box or you are getting a registration error, you will need to register the box before it will work. Go to and complete the registration form. Once registered, it may take up to 1 hour for the service to resume.

If you are upgrading from a HD-110 to a HD-220 you may need to contact Reelplay TV Live Support to transfer your remaining subscription from the old box to the new one.

If your new or expired box is asking you to Activate, then enter the Activation Code that you were provided with in the Account / Activation Code section then click on Activate. Your Activation Code will be printed on your tax invoice and/or sent to your email at the time of purchase. If you don't have an Activation Code then you will need to purchase one from

Unable To Enter Activation Code

When you try and enter an activation code into the Activation Code box in Account section, you either can't enter any numbers or the box jumps to the right. Unfortunately you have a very old box that requires a firmware upgrade. You can confirm this by checking the version number in the Settings/General/About section. If the firmware version is not then it will need to be upgraded. You can bring or send the box to the store we can perform a firmware upgrade on it for $25 plus any delivery costs.

Pausing / Buffering / Spinning Circle

Buffering occurs when the Reelplay box runs out of video to display and is waiting for more video to arrive via the internet.  The problem usually occurs when the internet service is slow or experiencing heavy traffic or is rebooting. 

Your box also needs to be using the latest firmware upgrade to function correctly. You may experience issues like slow changing channels, not responding errors and other strange behavior. You can confirm this by checking the version number in the Settings/General/About section. If the firmware version is not then it will need to be upgraded. You can bring or send the box to the store we can perform a firmware upgrade on it for $25 plus any delivery costs.

Try turning off other equipment that might be streaming or using the same WiFi or LAN connection. ie. Computers, phones or tablets performing updates, playing online games, streaming from Netflix, Foxtel, Spotify, iTunes etc.

Turn off the Reelplay TV box for at least 1 minute and turn it back on. If you are still experiencing buffering, turn off BOTH THE MODEM AND THE NBN BOX (if you have one) as well for at least one minute. This will reset your internet connection and hopefully improve the speed.

The Reelplay TV box requires a continuous bandwidth of least 5Mbps. Although most internet services can provide a much greater speed than this, the data transfer has to be consistent. Any interruption to this, for an extended period of time, will cause the box to buffer as the memory fills up with more video to play. Wifi connections are more prone to dropouts and loss of speed than LAN/Ethernet connections because other devices in the area can interfere with the signal, walls can block the signals and many other factors, so where possible use a LAN/Ethernet cable. The new 5Ghz bandwidth offered by some newer ADSL and NBN modems although much faster has a downside in that the range is nowhere near as good as the 2.4Ghz bandwidth, so try and use the 2.4Ghz for best results.

If you are having WiFi issues because the distance is too far, and you can not use a LAN/Ethernet cable because the box is physically in another room and you can't run the cable directly to the box, there are two options that should fix any problems. 1) Get an electrician to run an ethernet cable under the floor or through the ceiling to the box, or 2) Purchase an Ethernet over Power kit. The Ethernet over Power kit has a transmitter and a receiver. Connect the transmitter to the modem and the receiver the box and the two devices will find eachother through the electrical wiring in the house - no need to run any cables. You can find Ethernet over Power kits in the Powerline Network section on this site. These are your best options to fix streaming speed issues.

If you are using ADSL, you might want to consider upgrading to the faster NBN service if it is available in your area. We recommend at least an NBN 25Mbps plan or higher with a decent provider like TPG. A faster connection will allow you to download faster and allow multiple downloads simultaneously without affecting the Reelplay streaming service.

You may also have an internet connection issue due to poor line quality or maintenance works in your area which you will need to speak to your internet provider about. We cannot assist you with an internet connection problem.

You may also be experiencing Throttling by your service provider. You can read an interesting article about throttling here. We can't do anything about throttling, you'll need to contact your service provider to help with the issue.

Not Connecting To Internet

Go to the Settings / Internet section. If you are using the Reelplay box with a WIFI connection, select WIFI (WLAN) and find your WIFI. Be sure to enter the password 100% correctly or it will not connect. Make sure you use UPPER and LoWeR case characters correctly. Make sure in the IP Configuration section that it is set to AUTO (ON) and not manually set, unless you know what you are doing.

If you are using the Reelplay box with a LAN (ETHERNET) connection, make sure the cable is connected properly to the box and to the modem. There is no need to enter a password for wired connections.

Use the Network Detection function to test the connection. You should get two Connection Successful results, one for the box to the modem, and one for the modem to the internet. If there is a failure, you will need to check your connections again. Also try rebooting both your MODEM and NBN BOX.

Missing Channels / Under Maintenance

From time-to-time, Reelplay can add or remove channels. Press the RED button on the remote control to update the channel list. If a channel is Under Maintenance then you will need to wait for Reelplay to resolve the issue. It is not a problem with your box, but rather an issue from the overseas broadcaster. Most channels will be resolved within a few days and your box will resume playing automatically.

No Picture / No Sound / No Power

The box does not turn on when you press the power button on the remote. Normally a blue LED light will come on at the front right hand side of the box. Check carefully as sometimes it can be faint due to the tinted perspex panel.

Ensure that the power is switched on and the power adapter is connected properly to the box. Check that you have plugged the power adapter in the power socket and not the headphone socket - they are similar in size. The power socket is on the left hand side if you're looking at the connections from the back. Check to see if the pin on the end over the power adapter is not bent or broken, and at the adapter end the Australian converter is in tight and not loose.

Make sure your TV is set to the correct AV or HDMI input. ie. HDMI1 or HDMI2 etc. Also try replacing the HDMI cable with another one. Sometimes HDMI cables can get small cracks in the cabling from twisting and pulling. One broken wire in the cable may cause the picture and/or sound to stop completely and it may not be obvious to the naked eye. Any HDMI cable will do, they are all the same.

Make sure your TV sound is turned on from your remote or directly from the TV controls. Make sure the Reelplay sound is at maximum pressing the + on the VOL button on the remote. Make sure the Reelplay is not muted by pressing the button next to the 0 key on the remote with the speaker and cross through it (HD-110 remote) or the MUTE button in the top left of the remote (HD-220 remote). Try a different HDMI port on the back of the TV. Most TV's have more than one HDMI connection. Try a different HDMI cable just in case the cable is damaged or cracked. Try a different TV incase there's an issue with the TV itself.

To test the remote control replace the batteries to see if it they are flat or if you can, with another Reelplay box. All Reelplay boxes use the same remote controls so if you have friend or know someone with a Reelplay you can test it with their box.

If it is still not working then there could be a problem with the power adapter, the remote control or the box itself. You can bring the box, remote control or power adapter to the store for testing and if required we can replace the non-working devices. Warranty is NOT provided on remote controls or power adapters. Replacement parts prices are on the Reelplay TV page.

If the box is within the 12 month warranty period, you will need to send the faulty items directly to Reelplay for a warranty repair or replacement.  We cannot repair or replace faulty items under warranty directly, they will need to be checked by Reelplay first. Items found to be damaged by the user will not be repaired or replaced under the manufacturer warranty. eg. Physically broken, water damage, wear and tear etc. Details to repair or replace your box can be found below.

Updating Error / Downloading Configurations Error

If the box is not showing the channels list when you click LiveTV, or saying that it requires an update, or you see a spinning box stuck on downloading at 0%, then the software on your box is out-of-date and it requires to be manually updated. Boxes that have not kept up with mandatory software updates are out of date are no longer compatible and must be updated to continue the service. You can bring the box to the store to be upgraded for just $25 plus any delivery costs.

Incorrect Time & Date / Unable To Change Time Zone

The box is probably set to the incorrect timezone. Disconnect the box from WIFI or remove the LAN cable so it is not connected to the internet. Go to Settings / Timezone & turn off Auto. Set to +10 for Melbourne/Sydney or your correct timezone. Reconnect to the internet. The box should be now set to the correct timezone.

Blocked From Accessing Reelplay from USA or Canada.

If you are located in the USA or Canada, some channels have been disconnected due to Geoblocking restrictions due to the trade disputes between USA and China. The ONLY solution at this stage is to subscribe to a VPN service such ExpressVPN ( to bypass the restrictions.  This is a paid service. Go to you Apps section from the main menu and run the ExpressVPN app. Enter your account details to enable the VPN on your device to resume your Reelplay service.

If you are unable to reach the Reelplay site, this is also due to the Geoblocking restrictions. You can install one of the above VPN services to bypass the blocking or I recommend instead of using Chrome or Internet Explorer you download and install Opera ( which has built in VPN to access any website regardless of the location. 

Replacement Box Procedure (Australian Customers Only)

If your Reelplay TV box is no longer working because of a hardware or software fault, you will need to send it the Reelplay Service Centre. You cannot return it us as we are not able to repair physical issues. They will try to repair the device for you free of charge if it still under warranty. It the device can't be repaired and is out of warranty, they will contact you regarding the purchase of a new device. You are responsible for all shipping charges to and from Reelplay. Remote controls and power supply units are NOT covered by warranty.

Sent it to:

Reelplay Service Centre
P.O. Box 412
Sydney Markets NSW 2129

You will also need to:
a. Provide a paid return bag (with your return postage details filled in).
b. A mobile phone number and email address.
c. Explanation of the issue.

or take it directly to:

Markets Plaza Building
Shop 15
250-318 Parramatta Road
Homebush NSW 2140