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Due to global Conona Virus issues, some products listed may not be available at the time of ordering or delays in shipping may be experienced. Some prices may have also changed as a result of the dramatic drop in the Australian Dollar, and an increase in shipping & freight costs causing a sudden spike in the cost of imported goods. Due to the volatile nature of the situation, we are physically unable to update every price and stock holding on every single item listed on this site but we are frantically working to update everything.

Please contact us to confirm availability and current prices BEFORE ordering any goods so that we can check stock and for any price changes.

We will continue to work through this crisis and provide our very best service while we can. At this point in time, the store will remain open and it's business usual. We have plenty of supply of regular stock items but we are completely out of toilet paper! Be safe and hope to see you soon.

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If you are having problems with your Reelplay TV box please read the Reelplay TV Support page for self-help or chat with Reelplay TV Tech Support directly.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Nicehash

Would you like to purchase any products using Bitcoin or other Altcoin Cryptocurrency? The CoinGate and Living Room Of Satoshi payment services allows you send your coins safely and conveniently though the payment portal. With transaction fees as low as 1% or less, paying by crypto has never been easier!

CoinGate and Living Room Of Satoshi accept Bitcoin as well other common Altcoins such as BitCoin Cash, Dash, Doge, Ethereum, LiteCoin, ZCash and many more. For a full list of accepted Altcoins and more information head over to Coingate or Living Room Of Satoshi.

The Living Room Of Satoshi portal is a great Australian based initiative which allows you to pay for almost anything with crypto such as Utility Bills through BPAY, direct debit payments, or even directly to a credit card. Recently they even formed a deal with Brisbane Airport allowing customers to purchase goods and services at the airport with crypto expanding awareness to domestic and international travellers.

If you choose Living Room Of Satoshi, at the end of the transaction, you will be displayed a link on the screen as well as a copy via email. Simply copy'n'paste the link into your browser and follow the prompts. Scan the QR code into your wallet or copy the payment address into your wallet software and send the funds. If you prefer using CoinGate, simply scan the QR code and your payment will be processed pronto! CoinGate offers lots more choices of AltCoins for your convenience.

Please note that goods will not be dispatched until the transaction has been fully confirmed, and may take 1 minute, a few hours or longer depending on blockchain verification times.