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You’re looking at the latest Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player from LASER – the undisputed bestselling Multi Region Blu Ray player in Australia!

Enjoy different media files with a terrific picture and sound quality on this multi-region Blu-Ray and DVD play player. This compatible player works as a universal Blu-ray, DVD and CD player and easily connects to a TV or Home theatre system via an HDMI cable or the old red/white RCA cables. It is perfect for a home theatre enthusiast, as it supports Dolby Digital, DTS and cinema quality 24fps playback to offer an ultimate home theatre experience, flaunting an unforgettable surpassed digital surround sound. You can also enjoy videos, music and images via a USB flash drive or a hard disk drive, which can be inserted in the USB 2.0 port provided on the front panel.

You can also connect it to your network with the LAN connection (RJ45) and access the BDLive feature or use DLNA to play content from other DLNA devices in your home. The Blu-ray player can intelligently up-scale your favourite DVD movies so that you can enjoy them in a better and clear 1080p full HD resolution. Basic features like a parental lock and remote control have also been provided to offer better control and peace of mind.

Key Features

 Multi-region Blu-ray Player

 Supports Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs from any country and region

 Connections for input: USB 2.0, HDMI, CAT 5 LAN, Digital Audio (coaxial) single RCA and L/R Audio (RCA)

 Connect to home theatre systems and TVs via the HDMI port and enjoy picture-perfect video clarity and crystal clear sounds

 Supports Dolby Digital, DTS and cinema quality 24fps playback

 Intelligent DVD up-scaling to play low-quality movies on clear 1080p HD resolution

 Simple to set up and works on the plug and play mechanism

 Support for all major media formats: BD-video, AVI (Xvid and MPEG 4), Divx (1-4), MKV, MP3, JPEG, PNG and others

 LAN connection to enjoy the BDLive feature or to use DLNA

 Parental lock

 Remote control for armchair access


No blocked DVD or Blu-rays here. Play DVD’s or Blu Ray from any country with any region code (A,B,C or 0 to 6*) as well as different disk types (-/+R/RW) . Includes Cinavia® copy protected content either on a DVD/Blue Ray disk format, from your usb flash drive or stored on your local network hard drive.

With Network Connectivity you can connect to and play files from other network devices on your home network. So you may have a movie or pictures on your home PC, which you can easily access with Laser Blu Ray drive. A LAN (cat 5) connection is used to access content such as movies, photos or music located on your home WiFi network via DLNA. Alternately you can also access additional online content for Blu Ray movies equipped with BDLive and MovieIQ. BD-Live 2.0 is a standard for Blu-ray players that utilizes your internet connection and allows you to view additional content such as alternate movie endings, movie take outs or other movie trailers. (note; you should check that the blu ray movie you have has a BD Live feature)

The built-in Media Player allows you to play movies, music and photos easily from your USB, disk, hard drive or local network. Covering a wide range of file formats, it allows you to watch movies on your big TV, instead of your laptop or PC. What's even better is that with Cinevia copy protection disabled, you can play those torrent movies without interruption. (yes, of course - we condone privacy of copyright material)

DVD up-scaling Watch DVD movies (which are 480 resolution) on a big screen TV (in 1080 resolution). The processor on board the Laser Blu Ray upscales the base image by intelligently filling in missing pixels to produce a clearer image ready for large screens, giving you a higher-resolution image. So get out all your old DVD's and start watching them again in 1080 HD resolution. With auto scaling playback, all resolutions up to 1080p FULL HD are covered. 24fps encoded blu Ray movies can also be played back to give you the authentic cinema experience. (only works with 24fps compatible TV's and projectors)

Have you got a surround sound system? Whether it's a "Home Theater in a Box 5.1" or a dedicated AV receiver with up to 11.1 speakers, the LASER Blu Ray can decode and play Dolby Digital True HD and DTS HD Master Audio soundtracks. Crystal clear sound with a large dynamic range, you will hear clear channel separation and booming bass whilst still being able to hear the Center voices.


Digital Audio (Coaxial) - this is a single RCA (the black plug) which connects to AV receivers or surround processors which have a digital to analog (D/A) converter. Pure digital output only.

L/R Audio (RCA) - these are the conventional white (left) and red (right) analog audio outputs for TV's or basic amplifiers, soundbars, etc.

HDMI - use this for all recent TV's, amplifiers, HDMI sound bars, processors and so on. 

Cat 5 LAN - this connects with a cat 5 data cable (like you computer) to a network hub, router, switch, modem so you can access online content from your Blu Ray player.

Other Features

Quality Sony Optical Laser for superior video quality

Small footprint


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Laser BLU-BD3000 Bluray Player


  • Brand: Laser
  • Product Code: BLU-BD3000
  • Availability: 1
  • $129.95

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