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Is your child obsessed with Minecraft, Facebook or Call of Duty?

Playing games online is for our children as normal as riding bikes and playing with dolls were when we were kids. But we all know that kids have no built-in stop button. How do you regulate the time they spend online and where they spend that time?

KoalaSafe gives you the tools to easily manage the time they spend online in a way that doesn’t leave you being the bad guyKoalaSafe is a new in novative product that allows your to monitor and control your kids internet usage. 

You can set daily time limits, restrict sites such as gaming, gambling, porn and social media, and allow other sites that are safe to use.

You can create different profiles for each child with individual settings.

Settings can be easily set with your web browser or through a dedicated app for Android or Apple phones.

Simply connect the KoalaSafe box to your ADSL or NBN modem, to create a new Wifi Hotspot for your kids to use.

KoalaSafe has been engineered to work seamlessly with any platform in your home. It simply plugs into your existing modem straight from the box and creates a new WIFI network that can’t be bypassed and puts you back in control and that’s safe for kids. Block sites by category, such as Adult or Social Media, or block apps by name, such as Snapchat or YikYak. No more following links to inappropriate videos either, with YouTube and Google SafeSearch enforced on kid’s devices.

How can you know what conversations to have with your child if you don’t know what’s happening? KoalaSafe will tell you how your household compares to others, as well as what’s recommended. Would you like to know if Facebook usage went from 1 hour to 20 hours in a week? KoalaSafe will tell you.

Individual control for all children. Every child is different. Different ages, different personalities, different circumstances. KoalaSafe let’s you negotiate the time that each individual child spends online and even shorten or extend usage depending on behavior, all from your smartphone. Individual control for all content Not only can you control the time spent online by individual children but you can control the content they can access too.

Up to minute reporting and easy to read graphics keep you informed of individual use and total household use. You can compare this month’s use to last months and even the average use of other comparable households to yours. 

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  • Brand: Koalasafe
  • Product Code: KOALASAFE
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $139.95

Tags: Koalsafe, ADSL, NBN, Internet Security