Mobile Wifi

Vodafone, Optus & Telstra Mobile Broadband

We carry a wide range of mobile broadband devices to suit all mobile computing devices such as notebooks and tablets to allow you to connect to the internet wherever you may go.

No need to be stuck at the office or at home, you can bring your wifi connection with you. Ideal for going on holidays or for work on the go.

There are two types of mobile broadband devices. The USB Broadband Stick is normally used on a notebook computer to provide either 3G or 4G internet access. Internet access is provided to the device that it is connected to wherever 3G or 4G mobile connectivity is available. The major telcos like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone provide 3G access to most populated areas around Australia and 4G access in all the capital cities. The 4G network is currently being expanded to cover more and more areas. 4G can be up to 10 times quicker than 3G, so investing in a 4G stick is wise consideration. The 4G USB stick will fall back to 3G speeds where 4G is not available and automatically speed up when in a 4G zone.

The second type of broadband device is a portable wifi type. This device has an internal battery and once charged emits a wifi signal allowing multiple simultaneous connections for a number of devices to share the single connection wifi access point, much like a modem router than you might find connected to a telephone socket at home or in the office. Once again, they are available in either a 3G or 4G model. Simply charge the unit and turn it on, and it will begin broadcasting a wifi signal. On your tablet or notebook, or even smartphone, simple search for a wifi signal, type in the password and connect.

Prices start from just $49 for the USB versions with at least 1GB of data to get you going, and the Wifi models start from $69 with at least 3GB data to share amoungst your mobile devices. Come in and have a chat to us so that we can find the right product for your needs.
Telstra, Optus and Vodafone authorized dealer.