Internet Security

Anti-Virus & Internet Security

At Another World Computer Centre, we carry a wide range of Internet Security and Anti-Virus programs to help keep your computer safe from online threats. Vendors include Kaspersky, Eset, McAfee and Bullguard.

Without decent internet security you're leaving your computer vulnerable to attack from online threats such as viruses, malware, rootkits, scammers, phishing attacks, and more... all out to get into your bank accounts and steal your money, your identity and more.

Unfortunately that's the world we live in today. Where there's an opportunity, some scammer will take it. It's up to you to protect your equipment and be wary of scams. It could be as simple as email claiming that've been locked out of your Apple Account, or an unexpected Electricity Bill in your inbox, or someone calling claiming to be from Microsoft or Telstra saying that your computer is infected or has a problem. A bit of common sense will tell you that it's all crap, ignore them, and hang-up.

If you do however have a serious virus issue that you're unable to resolve yourself, we offer a professional clean-up service where we can fix most common virus and malware related issues. Drop your computer in and we'll clean it up for you pronto!

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